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Order: Apoda
(a.k.a. Gymnophiona)

Species Example: Caecilian

Species example in Florida:
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A new species of Caecilian discovered in South America recently! Doesn't it look like a worm?
Families: Caeciliadae (caecilians)
Diet: Worms, dead animals and small rodents
Eating a worm
Habitat: Tropical, moist areas. Not found in North America, Madagascar or Australia.
Characteristics: Short, blunt head with skimpy eyes and nostrils. Elongated body with no limbs and most have no tail. Only amphibian with hard scales.
Caecilians in Burrow
Fun Facts: Caecilians have a small sense organ in the form of a tentacle on its face between the eyes and nostrils; the female curls up around the egg until they hatch into larvae and undergo metamorphosis in a pond, some species hatch into mini adult replicas.
Curled up with the family

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